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How to Draw Siren Head | Step-by-Step Art Tutorial

art lessons draw scary cartoons Nov 01, 2022

Learn how to draw Siren Head, the creepy creature made by artist Trevor Henderson. Enjoy this step-by-step lesson on drawing a scary character.


If you are a fan of Trevor Henderson's art or just into drawing creepy characters, you'll love this lesson on sketching, inking, and coloring Siren Head!


To get step-by-step guidance, watch the video above.


Siren Head is a popular fictional character by artist Trevor Henderson.

It is a creature that, obviously, has a siren for a head.

This 40-foot-tall creature hunts people around the outskirts and woodlands.

Its body parts are extremely long and thin, and instead of a neck and head, it has a long pole with two sirens attached to it that are facing opposite directions.

According to its creator, Trevor, Siren Head can see even without eyes!


When you start drawing it, focus on the major shapes; the limbs will be long and skinny.

Tons of its details are random lumps and strings of flesh. 

Do not forget to add its mouths inside the sirens!


Follow the basic process in the video and you should be able to draw creepy creatures like Siren Head!

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