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How to Draw Springtrap from FNAF | Sketch, Ink, Color

art lessons draw fnaf characters draw scary cartoons Oct 29, 2022

Learn how to draw Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's. Improve your art skills and grow in creative confidence with me at Kids Cartoon Academy.


Learn how to draw Springtrap the heavily damaged rabbit animatronic from the Five Nights at Freddy's game in this step-by-step lesson. Learn the techniques from sketching all the way to inking and coloring. 

1. I like to start with the very basic shapes of the body when drawing.

Since Springtrap is an animatronic and is made of many mechanical parts, you can clearly see the major shapes of the body parts.

2. Draw a mix of cylinders, barrel-shapes, spheres, and cubes to get the proportions of Springtrap's structure.

3. When you're done with the basic shapes, you can go ahead and do the details.

Let's do the face details first.

4. Play around with the sizes of the teeth, metal sheets, scratches, and scars; include small, medium, and large shapes.

5. His eye sockets are large but you can do different things with the eyes. I chose to draw a reddish light for his eyes. Here's how they look colored:

6. You can add broken pieces of metal and wires all over his body to emphasize that Springtrap is broken and mechanical.

7. Another tip for drawing mechanical characters is to add some machinery inside the body (seen through the openings and tears).

8. You can decide how much detail to put and when you're done and happy with them, you can start inking the outline with a pen.

Be very careful with each stroke and make sure you don't ink the sketch lines that aren't supposed to be in the final image.

Erase the pencil lines when the ink gets dry.

9. Now you're ready to color Springtrap!

Put in the base colors. Don't worry about the shadows and highlights during this stage, and just focus on putting flat colors (the base colors).

10. He is mainly yellow so you can start filling all the outer parts yellow.

11. Put some reds and blues for the wires.

12. Color in the other objects like the axe.

13. When you're gonna do the shadows, think of each major shape in 3D and how it will create a shadow based on where your light source is. In this case, there's light coming from behind, so the sides catch some of that light, and the shadow will be in the front middle. Do the same for the highlights.

14. And now you're done! Join our private Facebook group, and show us what you made here. We would all love to see!

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