$38.00 USD

Purchase this $10 add-on if you will have one or more siblings joining.

Color Like a Pro

🎨 Does your child want to make their drawings look professional?

🎨 Do they know how to sketch and draw, but are unsure how to use color to create the best final images?

🎨 Do they have markers but are not sure how to choose colors, blend them, and add shading?

Then enroll them in Color Like a Pro class to ensure they feel confident in bringing their characters to life. 

I'm going to reveal all of my best color selection, blending, shading, and highlight secrets in this one-time class.

Students will learn how to take art from an initial sketch to finished, beautiful art that looks 3D and worthy of a frame.

📌 Important: Students should have blending markers (alcohol-based) in order to participate in this class. See the brands I recommend HERE, but any alcohol-based blending markers will do. Other brans include Bianyo, Arteza, and more.

  • Class is on December 1 and 2 at 7 pm EST

  • Two days; an hour long each day

  • Only 20 spots available!

  • Receive personalized feedback on coloring and blending

Color Like a Pro is a creative class that teaches children how to use color to create the best final images. They will learn how to mix and blend colors, shade, and choose the most appealing colors!

🛠️ Here are the tools I use.

Let's take your child's coloring skills to the next level in two hours!

Sign up now before all the seats are taken!


Send me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.