$387.00 USD

(20% off!) 30-minute Sessions Package of 5

✅  get one-on-one attention, instruction, and feedback for your passionate artist

✅  customize the sessions so your child learns exactly what they need

✅  provide your child with an art mentor to develop their skills, help them set goals, introduce them to art career possibilities, and answer their questions

✅  get step-by-step instructions on how to create unique artwork

✅  receive personalized feedback to help your child overcome challenges in art

✅  let your young artist progress at their own pace

✅  book a one-time or multiple sessions

NOTE: Each session lasts 30 minutes. You can schedule it after your purchase. Instructions will be sent via email.


Mondays at 8 am - 6 pm Est and 9 pm - 10 pm Est

Thursdays at 8 am - 12 pm Est

Fridays at 8 am - 6 pm Est

Sundays at 12 pm - 2 pm Est