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Give Your Child Some Creative Momentum and a Fun Challenge With These 20 Art Prompts and Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

tips for parents Dec 15, 2022



Children are always looking for new ways to express themselves. But sometimes they can get in a creative rut and feel bored with art if they don't have some fresh new ideas.


In this article, we're going to highlight 20 drawing prompts to help children find some creative momentum. These ideas will get them drawing again, and some of those ideas might lead to their next comic strip, framed painting, or picture book! They don't need to stick exactly to the prompt, but instead feel free to use it as a jumping-off point once they have their creative juices flowing. One idea might lead to another. From drawing a portrait of a family member to drawing a time when they were proud of themselves to drawing themselves as a Sonic the Hedgehog villain, this article is full of prompts that can help children cultivate their creative side.


  1. Take two animals and combine them. Draw the new mutant animal.
  2. Take two animals that are completely different in size, shape, and behavior (a beetle and a whale, for example). Combine those. Draw the crazy new mutant animal.
  3. Draw yourself accomplishing your wildest dream or your biggest goal.
  4. Draw your family as animals.
  5. Draw what your dream home would look like.
  6. Draw your family as food with faces. (a cute little cupcake family, a hilarious potato family, etc)
  7. Draw a time in your life where you were very happy.
  8. Draw a time in your life where you were sad.
  9. Draw a time in your life where you were embarrassed.
  10. Draw a time in your life where you excited.
  11. Draw a time in your life where you were very proud.
  12. Draw yourself as your favorite animal.
  13. Draw yourself as your favorite animal in your favorite videogame.
  14. Take two of your favorite cartoon characters from a show, movie, or game and combine them. Consider what elements from each character you want to keep in your new combination (the eyes, the outfit, the arms, etc).
  15. Make a short comic about yourself. It's easy: Think of something you want, think of what could get in the way, and draw the story of you trying to get it!
  16. Draw yourself as a Super Mario (or Sonic) character. Consider your superpowers, outfits, abilities, etc. Will you have Sonic spikes or shoes? Or a Mario and Luigi mustache?
  17. Choose your favorite videogame, TV show, book series, or movie and draw yourself as a character (a teammate or a villain).
  18. Draw yourself having dinner (or doing your favorite activity) with your favorite celebrity or cartoon character.
  19. Draw yourself exploring an alien landscape on another planet.
  20. Draw your favorite holiday as a person. What would Christmas look like as a person? How about Diwali? Or Independence Day? What would the outfit and accessories look like? What would they be doing?


These prompts will help children to explore their imaginations and create something new. Creative prompts can also help children to learn about different subjects and techniques. Some prompts are very simple, while others will require a bit more work. The important thing isn't to stick to the prompt as much as to give your child something fun to draw. One idea will lead to another. What prompts can you come up with that we should add to this list?

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