How to Draw Bruno from Encanto | Step-by-Step Art Tutorial

art lessons draw encanto characters Dec 29, 2022


In this lesson, we learn to draw Encanto's Bruno step-by-step from sketching, and inking, all the way to coloring. Make sure to watch the full tutorial above to get all the detailed steps!



Drawing movie characters is a fun activity that kids can do to keep them entertained. It's a great way to encourage creativity.

Encanto is an animated movie from Disney, set in the fictional town of the same name: Encanto, which has a colorful blend of cultures and traditions. Encanto is a place where animals, plants, and people live in harmony.

The movie follows the adventure of Mirabel, her family, and their sentient house, Casita.


Bruno is a major character in the animated film, Encanto. I know we're not supposed to talk about him but it shouldn't hurt if we're learning to draw, right?

Bruno is the only son of Mirabel's grandparents with the gift to see into the future.
Bruno has been cast out from the family because of his odd personality, affinity for rats, and his doomsaying visions.
He is a skinny-looking middle-aged man. He has curly black hair and a thin unshaved mustache, and a light beard.

This activity works well for anyone who is learning to draw. Bruno is a fun character to draw because he has a lot of personality. You should start with simple shapes. Then, add details to the drawing.

Drawing Bruno is definitely a fun activity to do for anyone who loves Encanto.


Follow the step-by-step process I showed in the video and show it to your friends so they can be jealous of your amazing art!

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