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Make Your Drawings Interesting with Dynamic Poses!

Mar 22, 2023

As an artist, one of the most important things you can do to bring your drawings to life is to create dynamic poses. One quick and easy way to add energy and movement to your characters is by incorporating flowing elements like clothes, hair, and falling or flying objects into your poses.

I recently used this technique in my drawing of Isabela from the Disney film Encanto. If you want to see how I applied this tip in practice, be sure to check out my tutorial on it!

But this technique isn't just limited to one character or style of drawing. You can use it in any situation where you want to add a sense of motion and fluidity to your artwork.

  • You could draw a character diving into a pool with water splashing around them.
  • A character standing in the wind with leaves or papers swirling around them.
  • Or, if you're feeling really creative, you could even draw a character floating in space with their hair and clothes drifting weightlessly around them.
  • A character whose cape is way too big and fills the screen! (Ever seen a DC comics cover?)

Be creative. What else could you think up that creates dynamic drawings through the use of flowing and flying elements?

Incorporating flowing elements into your drawings is a simple yet effective way to bring your characters to life and add an extra layer of depth and movement to your artwork. So next time you're drawing a pose, don't forget to add some flowing clothes, hair, or objects to really make it pop!

And if you want to learn more drawing tips and techniques, be sure to check out my tutorials and let me know what you think in the comments. Happy creating!

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