How to Draw Luisa from Encanto | Step-by-Step Easy Lesson

art lessons draw encanto characters Jan 02, 2023

This time, we draw Luisa, the "rock" of the Madrigal family, from Encanto! In this step-by-step lesson, you can draw along from sketch to color!


Here’s what you need; a pencil, pen, paper, and any coloring materials.

Luisa is the older sister of Mirabel Madrigal from the animated film Encanto. She was gifted with super strength and it shows in her design (body composition). 

If drawing is your favorite hobby, you know how fulfilling it is to see your finished artwork. Follow along with me as I do this step-by-step of Luisa.

1. Make sure to start with just the big shapes then slowly work your way down to the smaller details.

2. Draw the shapes of her skirt, torso, feet, arms, and head.

3. After drawing all the major shapes, you can add in the details. From wristbands, waistbands, folds on her skirt and blouse, and her sandals.

Add some variation to the sizes(small, medium, big) of the folds and wrinkles.

Like Mirabel, Luisa has a lot of details on her outfit; have fun adding them in from the stitches on her collar and the patterns on her skirt.

4. Zoom in and add in the facial features.

5. Start inking when you're happy with the pencil lines.

Make sure the ink is dry before you start erasing the pencil lines.

6. Then it's time to add in her base colors. She wears a white, short-sleeved shirt with a red ribbon at the top. Her long skirt is indigo with dark purple and pink stripes at the bottom.

7. After drawing her base colors, add shadows to make the image look more 3D.

8. Put in the highlights at the end of the process; it'll make her POP even more.

9. When you're done, show us what you made here in our private Facebook group. We can't wait to see!

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Watch how the process for drawing Mirabel went in this video!
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