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How to Draw Luisa | Step-by-step Art Tutorial

May 24, 2023



Drawing Luisa from Encanto can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially for fans of the hit Disney film. While it may seem intimidating at first, with a little bit of practice and patience, anyone can learn how to draw this beloved character.



To begin, start near the bottom of your paper and draw a large trapezoid shape for Luisa's dress, with a curved bottom like a bell shape. Curve the waistband inward on both sides and then curve the top of the dress. Lightly draw a square shape above the dress for Luisa's torso, about half the length of the dress. Add a guideline down the middle of the square, and draw the necklines on either side of the line. Draw a circle above the necklines for the head.

Next, draw Luisa's feet, with one foot slightly sticking out to the left and the other foot facing towards us. Draw light circles for her shoulders and then her upper arms, which should be almost as wide as her torso. Angle her upper arms out to the side, stopping at the top of the waistband. Draw the lower arms, bringing the elbows out and curving them down to the wrist. Erase any extra lines to make the arms look connected. Add some details to her shirt sleeves and add wristbands.

For the flexing arm, draw a big curve for the bicep and then continue down the arm to the edge of the page, with each part of the arm about the same size. Draw the hand with straight lines and curves, and add a wristband.


Finally, add details to the dress, such as curvy lines for the flow of the fabric and wrinkles in the folds.

Let’s do the face! We'll start by splitting the head in half with a line. That's where her eyes will be. The bottom of her eyes will be close to the left edge of her face, and there will be more space between the edge of her eye and her face on the other side. Make the eyes pretty large, and put a pupil in each one. The eyes are in different spots compared to the edge of the face because she's turned at a slight angle.

Next, let's do the nose. Curve it down, and position the nose about halfway between the eyes and the chin. Mark the bottom of the nose with two tiny nostrils, and curve the sides of the nose slightly. For the bridge of the nose, draw a slight curve.

Moving on to her mouth, draw it right underneath the little curve of the nose. She'll have a little smirk, an upper lip, and a curve for the bottom lip. Maybe add a slight line for the cheek.

For the eyebrow, you want to start by drawing it straight, and then once you get towards the edge of the eye, the eyebrow comes to a point and angles down just at the end. There's a small little pointy area of the eyebrow that goes down.

Next, let's add the ear and the hair. Place the ear right on the edge, where you have this point for the eye. Then, adjust the drawing to make it look more like Luisa. You can make her neck a little more muscular and bring it in just a little bit at the top. Remember that our necks connect to the bottom of our ears, so the neckline should start right under the ear.

Compare the two sides and adjust as needed. Make sure that the shoulders start on both sides at the same spot. If something doesn't look right, experiment and make adjustments. Usually, if something's a little off, it's because of the placement or the size.

To make the face more accurate, you can square the jaw just a little bit and make it a little more rectangular. Don't make it bigger, but just a little straighter. Bring one of the eyebrows down a bit, and add pupils inside the iris.

Now, it's time to draw the hair. She'll have just a little bit of hair poking out on one side. We don't see much, but it comes above the head and then pretty tight to the head. Her hair is pulled up, and it's a little curvy. Draw a big ponytail that's like a big circle. Draw the circle lightly because it's just a guideline, and then change the line to make it more wavy and more like actual hair. The ponytail connects to the side of her ear and comes down a little bit behind her neck. Add a ribbon up top, just a part of a ribbon that we see tied in there.

Finally, do a little bit of the hair curving over the edge of her eyebrow and on the side of her face. Erase any lines that cut through the pieces of hair, and there's Luisa!

The next step is to add any more details that you think are missing, and then color it in.

Remember to use light lines at first and erase any extra lines as needed. You can also use darker lines for the details once you're happy with the basic shapes. With practice, you'll soon be able to draw Luisa from Encanto like a pro! 

If you love Encanto characters, watch the video to see my time lapse of coloring Luisa!


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