How to Draw Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto | Step-by-Step

art lessons draw encanto characters Jan 04, 2023

Let’s draw Mirabel, the most unique Madrigal, from Encanto! Watch how we can create cartoon versions of animated characters from start to finish!


Grab your pencil, pen, paper, and coloring materials! Watch my video above for some step-by-step instructions on drawing.

Mirabel is the main character in the animated film Encanto. I think she's very unique because, unlike the rest of her family, she did not have that "magical gift". 

Drawing can be a fun and easy activity to do in your spare time. It's also a great way to express yourself or create something beautiful.

You can find your own reference photo or use the one I included in the video. 

1. Don't focus too much on the details in the beginning; let's start with the big shapes and slowly work our way down to the smaller details.

The first thing you should do is draw a circle for the head and then two ovals for the eyes. Next, sketch out the major shapes of the torso and limbs. Remember to draw these lightly because you'll need to erase them later.

2. When you have all the major shapes down, alter them by curving some areas like the skirt. You can also start adding her arms and legs.

3. Her head started out as a circle but, now, you can carefully adjust the areas where her chin and cheeks are and make them more defined. You can also start adding facial features now.

Mirabel has a lot of patterns on her outfit; you can do them exactly like your reference photo or be creative and try to simplify them using basic shapes!

4. Start inking when you're happy with the pencil lines.

5. Erase the sketch lines when the ink is dry.

6. Then, you can start filling it in with a few colors. Her attire is a white blouse, a long teal skirt with colorful butterfly embroidery, and her name stitched on the waistband, with an indigo petticoat and white bloomers, and sandals with pink linking and black ribbons around her ankles.

7. After putting the base colors, add in the shadows to make the image look more 3D.

8. Add highlights at the end of the process because they further add form to your character. 

And now you're done! Join our private Facebook group, and show us what you made here. We would all love to see!

Watch the rest of the video to see how the colors went!


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