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How to Make Drawing FUN for Your Child in 3 Steps

tips for parents Dec 06, 2022



Your child isn’t going to improve their art skills and grow in confidence if they don’t find it immediately fun.


 I do my taxes, go to the dentist, and eat vegetables because I know I have to, not because I find it fun. But kids aren’t like that. They do what they like and what is gratifying in the short term.

So here are three easy ways to get your child drawing and painting by making it more fun:

  1. “Publish” their artwork.

    You can have them draw on a piece of paper and then put the paper on the fridge for a few days.

    You can have them create holiday cards for relatives or for their teachers.

    This helps them feel proud of their work.

    As a former English school teacher, I know that students are less likely to write essays if I am going to be the only one reading them.

    As soon as I told my students that their essays would be published online or go in the school newspaper, they instantly felt more invested in improving their work, and were inspired to make it their best. They were also more excited to write.

    Hanging up your child’s artwork for others to enjoy makes creating it more fun.

  2. You can also have them draw on a whiteboard and then erase it.

    This way they can draw endlessly without using paper, and sometimes kids just like a new surface to draw on. Read this to see why new tools make drawing more fun.

  3. Ask your child questions about what they are drawing.

    This gives them the chance to share their thoughts and feel good about their art. You not only “let them” draw, but you are actively encouraging it.

    If you want your child to continue making art as they grow older, you must do this. Without your encouragement, they will abandon drawing as they grow old and focus more on playing video games, mindlessly watching Youtube, fitting in at school, or whatever else their peers are doing.

The key to building a lifelong practice of drawing and pursuing a creative life is to have fun and make it a routine habit.


Creating art is such an important skill that many kids are discouraged from taking it up because they see it to be dull or a chore. The key to changing this is to make it enjoyable and to form it into a habit. With these tips, you can turn drawing into an entertaining activity that your youngsters look forward to participating in and will be enthusiastic to learn more about.
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