What happens when Pablo Picasso meets Spiderman?

art lessons Sep 06, 2023

Most kids couldn’t care less about traditional art classes.

Few children are mature enough to make the connections themselves between still life or portrait lessons and drawing the characters they love.

(I sure wasn’t.)

And if they’re not making those connections themselves, then they might just quit art for good.

(I did.)

That’s why in Kids Cartoon Academy, I make those connections for them.

For example, recently students learned about how both Pablo Picasso and the latest Spiderverse movie use color to enhance the intended mood of a piece.

(I don’t think there’s a place in the world where students learn about Picasso and Anime in the same lesson besides Kids Cartoon Academy. 😆)

See, I’m traveling in Spain right now and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the works of Pablo Picasso, Francisco de Goya, El Greco, and Salvador Dalí up close, in some of the best art museums in the world.

I’ve been teaching my students everything I’ve been learning, and connecting it to the characters and movies they love (like in the Spiderverse movie).

We learned how Picasso did used color to enhance the mood in his art:

And in the same lesson, we learned how the Spiderman movie did the same thing in its scenes:

Here’s why these lessons are so important:

This type of learning helps to close the gap between my students and the all-time art legends.

Students see how and why the masters made their art, and then they’re inspired to learn and innovate themselves.

Here is my students Petar’s extremely moody Spiderman-and-Pablo-Picasso inspired painting…

And here is Maddy’s amazing Anime portrait inspired by Pablo Picasso’s crazy Cubist style:

Want to give YOUR CHILD a creative start to their school year?

Then show them this FREE lesson on how to draw the coolest Spiderman character of all: Hobie Brown aka Spiderpunk…

It's not Picasso-inspired, but it does teach the students a lot. Your child will learn:

🎯 the secret to drawing realistic arm and leg shapes every time (This honestly blew my mind when I learned it--as an adult!) 🤯

🎯 how to draw a dynamic action pose

🎯 how to draw the coolest Spiderman of all: Spiderpunk!!!


I can’t wait to see your child’s version, so share it with us in the private Facebook group.



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