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"The growth is exponential. She learned so much more than 'just art'. She even gained confidence to teach classes at her school."

-Elizabeth Carr, proud mother of 13-year-old Zara

Are you a busy parent with a creative child? 

Your child wants to make better art and you want to support their artistic talents. You want to nurture their imagination and invest in their passion.

But you don't know how to support them with everything else you have to do. 

Let me help.

These live, interactive, online classes teach your child the skills they need in order to draw the characters they love.

My unique approach to teaching combine the cartoon characters that students love--from Roblox, Pokemón, and Anime to Unicorns, Sonic, and Five Nights at Freddy's--with the fundamental skill instruction they need to develop as artists. I will also reveal the top secrets that professional cartoonists, illustrators, and animators use to make characters unforgettable so that your child can design their own.

Sign up for our free classes and your child will:

✅ discover the easiest way to take the ideas in their head and draw them on paper

✅ uncover the secrets professional artists use to make great cartoons

✅ learn the top design secrets and techniques for creating unforgettable cartoon characters

✅ learn the fundamentals of storytelling to make better comics and illustrations

✅ grow in confidence as they develop a framework for making beautiful art and expressing their creative voice

Kids Cartoon Academy is the perfect way to start your Saturday mornings. 

The lessons are great for both beginners and more experienced artists.

Your child will leave our classes feeling inspired and confident, brimming with new ideas, and equipped with new drawing techniques.


Easy and convenient

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Join a worldwide community of young cartoonists


🌐 Literally hundreds of children from around the world have been joining our classes every week. And it's coming to you completely free.

✏️ All your child needs is paper, a pencil, and a black marker or pen. Coloring utensils are optional.

🧠 Enjoy quality screen time that encourages your child's imagination to run wild and develops fundamental drawing skills.


No mess. No stress. 

Don't worry about messy art supplies. All you need is paper, a pencil, an eraser, and a black marker or pen (Sharpies work great). And a screen with an internet connection and Zoom. Coloring utensils (colored pencils or markers) are optional.




Raise happy, confident, and creative kids with the help of my Free Live Classes.


Your child will grow in confidence as they see their art and design skills improve.


Know that you have supported your child's passion in a safe and supportive environment with a licensed professional educator.

Meet the Teacher

Daniel Grissom, M.A.

With fifteen years of experience teaching in schools around the world, Daniel knows what it takes to nurture a child's imagination, talents, and unique, creative voice. He has taught over 2000 students in his online classes within the last two years, and he loves sharing his passion with others through his art education program Kids Cartoon Academy.

He created Kids Cartoon Academy to ensure that other children don't abandon their inner, creative child as they grow up, as he once did. It was only as an adult that he rediscovered his love of art, and as a career educator, he designed an academy to help other children nurture their most creative, authentic selves through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood. With a wide and varied experience as a classroom teacher, he uses scientifically proven methods to create a fun and engaging classroom that invites students to deep learning and transformative results.

When he's not teaching, you'll find him drawing (of course), reading, smoking barbecue, traveling, or being silly with his wife and two daughters.


Your child will thank you.

Don't take my word for it. 

Hear what my families are saying.

"She learned so much more than "just art". She gained confidence to teach classes at her school. The growth is exponential. She's discovered that making a career in art is a real possibility and she's excited to know that she someday can get a job doing what she loves."

Elizabeth C.
Happy Parent

"Daniel is the best! What a great class. Jack was nervous the first time logging in, but the classmates were so cool and nice, and Daniel was so welcoming that he felt right at home in no time. Of course the cartoons are great. So silly and creative. My son has learned some great drawing strategies but most importantly has improved his self confidence!"

Christina R.
Happy Parent

"My girls joined last Saturday and they LOVED it. My youngest spent the rest of the day drawing, and for an hour they actually got along and were so focused on it. I highly recommend signing your children up. So engaging and a great skill to focus."

Ashley G.
Happy Parent

See why families are raving about Kids Cartoon Academy 😊