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Give Your Child Some Creative Momentum and a Fun Challenge With These Art Prompts and Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids (Part 1)

tips for parents May 05, 2023



Kids are always on the hunt for new ways to express themselves. At times, however, they may become stuck in a dull artistic cycle and get bored with art if they don't have some novel ideas.


These prompts were listed in a previous blog, so check the full list out! 

In this post, we'll discuss entertaining drawing prompts to help young ones re-ignite their imagination. These drawing prompts for kids will get them started again and could even lead to creating their next comic book, homemade framed artwork, or storybook!

From drawing a self-portrait (or one of a family member) to drawing a time when they were proud of themselves to drawing themselves as a Sonic the Hedgehog villain, this article is full of prompts that can help children cultivate their creative side.


Take two animals and combine them. Draw the new mutant animal.

This can be a really fun activity for kids to do! Taking two animals and combining them to create a new mutant animal is a great way to get creative and use their imagination. For example, if they were to combine a dinosaur and another animal, like an elephant, they could draw an elephant-dinosaur hybrid with the head of an elephant and the body of a dinosaur. Encouraging kids to think outside of the box and use their creativity will make this activity even more enjoyable!

Draw a scene from your favorite book or movie.

This allows for a lot of creativity and flexibility, and the artist can choose a scene that they are familiar with and excited about. Additionally, the artist can use their imagination to add their own unique spin on the scene, which can make art activities more fun and interesting. Get creative with the colors; use crayons, markers, or pastels.

Draw yourself accomplishing your wildest dream or your biggest goal.

Drawing themselves accomplishing their wildest dream or biggest goal can be a fun and good idea for a child for several reasons. Kids love to imagine and dream about what they could be or do when they grow up, and this prompt allows them to do just that. It provides them with a creative outlet for expressing themselves and their aspirations through art. Additionally, drawing their wildest dream or biggest goal can help kids to focus on their goals and remind them of what they are working towards, which can motivate and energize them.

Recreate your family as animals.

For example, they could each choose an animal that they think represents them best, and then create costumes or drawings of their family members as those animals. This activity is an excellent way for kids to learn more about different animals and their characteristics. Additionally, it could be a fun way for the whole family to spend time together and bond over a shared activity.

Draw what your dream home would look like.

As kids work on their drawing, they can think about what features are most important to them, such as the number of bedrooms, the size of the kitchen, or the presence of a backyard. They can also consider the overall style and aesthetic of their dream home, such as whether they want it to be modern or traditional, or whether they would like it to have a particular theme or color scheme.

Draw your family as food with faces. (a cute little cupcake family, a hilarious potato family, etc)

Imagine each member of your family as carrot, a cupcake, a potato, or whatever you think would be fun to draw. How can you show your family members' different personalities even though they are all the same food? How many different ways can you draw a cupcake, for example? consider the clothes you give them, the length of the leafy part (their hair?😆), their facial expressions. Consider the shapes and poses you use. You could choose your favorite food, the most disgusting food your parents make you eat, or even choose a different food for each family member? What vegetable is most like your mom? What berry is most like your baby sister? What junk food snack is most like your older brother?  The possibilities are endless. It's a great excuse to let your wild imagination and inner artist shine!

Draw a time in your life when you were very happy.

Children often enjoy talking about happy moments and reflecting on them, so this activity can be a way for them to share those memories with others. This can help them to identify and appreciate the moments and experiences that bring them joy and happiness. Additionally, drawing a time when they were happy can be a positive and uplifting activity that helps to boost their mood and promote a sense of well-being.

Sketch a time in your life when you were sad.

The child can sketch a scene that represents a time in their life when they were sad, providing them with an outlet for expressing their feelings and thoughts. This can help them to understand and manage their emotions. Additionally, the activity can help the child develop their drawing skills. Overall, it can be a beneficial and enjoyable way for the child to express themselves creatively and to learn and grow as an artist.

Creative prompts can be a great way for children to learn about different subjects and techniques in a fun and engaging way. For example, a simple prompt might be to doodle a picture of their favorite animal, while a more challenging prompt might involve creating a detailed landscape scene using watercolor paints. These prompts can be used in a variety of settings, such as in a classroom with an art teacher, or at home as part of a DIY tutorial. Additionally, using creative prompts can help children to develop their artistic skills and potentially even create their best work. So why not give them a try today and see what your child can create?

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