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Give Your Child Some Creative Momentum and a Fun Challenge With These Art Prompts and Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids (Part 2)

tips for parents Jun 17, 2023



Art is a wonderful way for kids to express themselves and explore their imagination. It allows them to communicate their feelings, memories, and aspirations in a visual form.


These prompts were listed briefly in a previous blog of 20 of my favorite drawing prompts. In this post, I expound on each one.

In this blog, I will provide you with some exciting art prompts and easy drawing ideas that will inspire your child's creativity. Let's dive in!

Draw a time in your life when you were embarrassed

Embarrassing moments happen to everyone, and they often make for great storytelling through art. Encourage your child to recall a funny or embarrassing experience and illustrate it on paper. They can capture the emotions, facial expressions, and any significant details that made that moment memorable.

Draw a time in your life when you were excited

Think back to a moment when your child felt immense joy or excitement. It could be a birthday party, a trip to the amusement park, or meeting a favorite celebrity. Ask your child to depict the scene, focusing on the elements that made them feel exhilarated, such as big smiles, wide eyes, or vibrant colors.

Draw a time in your life when you were very proud

Reflecting on accomplishments and proud moments can boost self-confidence and inspire further growth. Encourage your child to choose a significant achievement, like winning a sports competition or completing a challenging project, and depict it through art. They can showcase their skills, the sense of accomplishment, and the people or objects associated with their achievement.

Draw yourself as your favorite animal

Children often have a fascination with animals, so this prompt allows them to explore their identity and their connection with nature. Let your child choose their favorite animal and ask them to draw themselves with the characteristics of that animal. They can think about incorporating the animal's physical traits, such as ears, tail, or fur patterns, into their self-portrait.

Draw yourself as your favorite animal in your favorite video game

Combining two favorite things—animals and video games—can ignite your child's imagination. Encourage them to envision themselves as their favorite animal within the context of their preferred video game. They can incorporate elements from the game, such as costumes, backgrounds, or props, to create an exciting and unique artwork.

Take two of your favorite cartoon characters and combine them


Cartoons are a beloved source of inspiration for kids, and blending characters together can result in fascinating creations. Ask your child to choose two of their favorite cartoon characters from a show, movie, or game. They should think about what elements they want to retain from each character, such as facial features, outfits, or accessories. Then, encourage them to merge these elements to create a brand new character of their own.

Cartooning is a fantastic way for kids to explore their creativity, emotions, and personal experiences. The art prompts and drawing ideas mentioned above will not only provide hours of fun but also encourage self-expression and imaginative thinking. Happy drawing!


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